Virtual/Personal Assistance

Feeling frazzled? Need a hand? Whether you’re an independent contractor, a small business owner, or just in need of some assistance, let me help you! I can assist with all kinds of administrative tasks, including:

  • Scheduling
    • Calendar Management
    • Travel Planning
    • Event Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing (Newsletters)
    • Includes Graphic Design Services from Sweet Designs!
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Presentations
    • PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Online Filing/Organization
    • Using iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive
  • Website Support
    • For WordPress, Wix, and Drupal 7-powered sites
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Accessibility (Americans with Disabilities Act/ADA Compliance)
    • Can include¬†graphic design services from Sweet Designs or training from Sweet Lessons!

If you need help with your blog, transcriptions, web content writing, or other similar tasks, don’t forget to check out Indigo Ink: Writing & Editing Services.

I can work both virtually (online), accessible by Skype, Google Hangouts, Evernote Work Chat, via email and over the phone, as well as in-person for people in the Davis, California area.