Does your restaurant’s posted menu invite people in, or does it make them walk away?

Are your printed menus always pinned to refrigerators, or do they get blown away into the gutter?

I believe that a restaurant’s menu should do two things:

  • Capture the dining experience your restaurant offers, and
  • Make a person crave the food your restaurant makes!

Whether your establishment is a hole-in-the-wall artistic experience with seasonal selections or a large family restaurant with a sports bar vibe, I can design a menu that connects you to customers, gets their mouths watering, and brings them back for more.

You can choose from the following packages for Menu Design:

Print Only

A Print-Only menu is what you have on-hand at your establishment. Whether it’s a tri-fold brochure on colored paper that you offer to every customer at the register or an elegant page on lush cardstock, this option is for establishments that want to get into their customers’ hearts and in their hands.

What you get

A PDF copy of a menu designed according to your specifications. This file allows you to reprint the menu when needed, or upload it online for restaurant menu websites (, Yelp, etc).

Extras available

If you’d like me to arrange for printing and delivery of your finished menus, I can do that! I can ensure that if you have specific details you’d like your print menu to include, such as colored paper, specialized paper, color printing, embossing, or foil effects, you get them just the way you want!

Additionally, you can get a reduced rate for any future menu updates needed, provided you keep the same base design/layout (for example, if you open additional locations, alter a few items on your menu, or need to change restaurant information like hours, phone number, and so forth).

Print + Web

A Print + Web menu gets you everything from the Print Only package plus a digital version of your menu. An online menu can take many forms, including:

  • A page on your existing website
  • A full website all on its own ← A great option if you don’t already have a site or haven’t updated it in a long time!
  • An interactive PDF*
  • Specialized menus (digitized menus for use with specific sites or platforms)

what you get

Depending on which Print + Web package you select, you’ll get everything from the Print Only package plus a digital menu. This means your menu will be findable online by anyone, whether that’s locals using Yelp, tourists Google searching your neighborhood or anyone in between!

The best value is the full website package: it not only includes a digital menu, but also additional pages devoted to your restaurant to increase its web presence, answer customer questions before they ask them, and even help you get set up with online ordering if you wish!

* Note: PDFs can be large files and require external viewers or browser plug-ins to view online. As such, they are not recommended as the sole digital menu option you provide to your customers, but they are still useful for uploading to specialized sites or for providing your customers with a print-ready option.

extras available

If you’d like ongoing support for your new digital menu or website, look no further! As with the Print Only package, you can get a reduced rate for small changes to your digital menu or website, or purchase a package of hours for website overhauls, large menu changes, or design do-overs.

Interested in learning more?

Set up an appointment to speak with me over the phone or online to discuss your menu needs. Let me know how I can help!