Writing Portfolio

I became interested in Journalism as early as middle school when I read the campus newsletter “Paw Prints.” The class was extremely popular, and I was never able to get in, but once I noticed “Journalism” as a class at my high school, I signed up for it. I spent four years taking journalism as an elective, and I have never regretted it. I would like to think that as a result of all the writing (whether journalism-style or not) and reading I have done over the years, my writing has improved.

Copywriting and Editing for Advertisements

  • Cordova Hills Brochure (Co-edited with Robin Epley)
  • Advertising Copy for¬†The Avid Reader Independent Bookstore¬†and¬†Avid Reader Active, a children’s toy and bookstore located on the same block in downtown Davis, CA:

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Published Articles

Functional Spaces Organizing – Professional Organizer Blog

Gaming Dead – Video Game Blog

Note: In February 2018, this site was temporarily offline. As a result, I am working to recreate the articles here on my portfolio, complete with original text and images (where possible), in addition to linking to the original article online. In the meantime, some links may be broken. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Daily Sundial – California State University Northridge campus newspaper