All PopCap Mac Games for $50!

This article was originally published for Site of the Gaming Dead, a now-defunct video game blog on May 23, 2010. I have done my best to recreate the original article here, complete with images (when possible).

If you haven’t played Bejeweled 2 or Plants vs. Zombies, you are clearly living under a rock. Those two titles are just a small example of mega-popular developer PopCap Games’ selection and are now part of a promotional “complete pack” of games for the Mac retailing for $49.95, for a limited time.

The suite is comprised of 13 games: the aforementioned Bejeweled 2 and Plants vs. Zombies, both hits on Facebook and on mobile platforms, as well as ChuzzleMystery P.I.: Lost in L.A., ZumaAmazing Adventures: The Caribbean SecretZuma’s RevengeIggle PopPeggleEscape Rosecliff IslandPeggle NightsFeeding Frenzy, and Bookworm.

Fans of puzzle games will enjoy the two Zuma games, while more action-oriented players will get a kick out of Bejeweled 2ChuzzlePlants vs. ZombiesPeggle and its sequel, Peggle Nights, and the survival-of-the-fittest deep-sea game Feeding Frenzy. Like hidden object games? Mystery P.I.: Lost in L.A.Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret, and Escape from Rosecliff Island will give you or a favorite Mac gamer you may know hours of obfuscated object orienteering. And finally, if you’re more a fan of learning behind the guise of gaming, try your hand at Bookworm, where you create words alongside Lex, a…bookworm. No, really: he’s a green worm with glasses with a really, really big grin. This would be an especially apt choice if you or your iPhone-clinging friends can’t seem to get away from Words with Friends or other similar word games.

These games normally retail from $19.95 to $29.95 apiece, so to get all 13 for only $49.95 is quite a steal, even if you’re not normally a player of some of these games, or if you’re like me and you already own one or two titles.

PopCap also makes games for PC, Nintendo DS and DSi, PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Network, XBox 360 and the XBox 360 LIVE Arcade, iPods, iPads, and almost all your favorite mobile devices–but this promo is for Mac users with an Intel processor only! Most games require Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, though some can run on 10.3.9 as well.

The suite makes a great gift for fans of PopCap games in general, or gamers who enjoy a variety of fun puzzles and action. In this season of dads, grads, brides and everyone else in-between, you can’t really go wrong with a boxed set of these bestselling Mac games.