Dr. House Brings Genius, Snark to PC, Mac, DS

If USA’s weekend and holiday marathons featuring Dr. Gregory House simply aren’t enough for you, you’ll be pleased to know that Legacy Interactive, makers of a number of titles based off of popular TV shows, are releasing a game for the PC, Mac and (later) the Nintendo DS, featuring the chronically-snarky doctor and his team.

The game, which involves five medical mysteries fans of the show are well-familiar with, lets the player become Dr. House and take advantage of his characteristic wit to help you get the evidence you need to solve a series of cases and over 100 varieties of mini-games and other puzzles.

Not familiar with House? Imagine having to diagnose a slew of mysterious illnesses through your powers of observation and deductive reasoning. Players of the game will get to interview and examine patients, find evidence at their homes, analyze lab evidence, and even perform surgery in order to save the patients’ lives. Each of the five members on House’s team has their own specialty and unique traits, while House himself runs into trouble from his best friend and hospital oncologist Wilson, in addition to sometimes-love interest, sometimes pain-in-the-neck hospital administrator Lisa Cuddy.

The game will be available for digital download and retail purchase for PC and Mac later this month, and for the DS in April 2010. Since the show’s wildly popular even outside of the U.S., the game will also be released in French, German, and Spanish. Just don’t tell my dad about this or I’ll never see my computer again!