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  • Quora Question on Dickens’ grammar
    • Spoiler: Dickens’ grammar isn’t all that different from today’s, but he does tend to use long, roundabout sentences. Today, we like to read things that get to the point quickly. Most forms of writing emphasize being direct and concrete, not “flowery” or “meandering.”
    • Also bear in mind that even in modern times, there are differences between British English and American English. That applies not only to how words are spelled (remember gaol vs. jail?) but also the use of commas, hyphens, semi-colons, and so on.
    • These Famous Authors Made It Okay To Commit Grammar No-No’s
      • A thing that really bothers me is the use of an apostrophe “s” for a plural, like the “No-No’s” above. But it’s considered okay grammatically because “No-Nos” doesn’t read the same way (you might have read it as “Noh-Noss”), and the important thing is that people understand what you are trying to say.

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