Activities are listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Media Mentors Journalism Tutoring Project at Northridge Academy High School (Fall 2009)

Facilitated in conjunction with Professor Linda Bowen’s JOUR 498 (Journalism Tutorial) course and CIELO (Center for Innovative & Engaged Learning Opportunities) at¬†California State University, Northridge.

  • Assist Lynne Culp’s brand-new Journalism class students understand concepts of Journalism and apply them practically through the use of exercises and assignments
  • Serve as a resource and discussion facilitator for the students
  • Develop an intensive workshop for the students that demonstrates understanding of both the high school curriculum and the variety of university-level Journalism classes culminating in this tutorial
  • Write weekly journal entries for Professor Bowen regarding the activities participated in, difficulties, and troubleshooting techniques
  • Help the high school Journalism students create and publish their newspaper,¬†Paw Prints.

Service Learning Project with Grover Cleveland High School (Spring 2008)
Faciliated in conjunction with CIELO (Center for Innovative & Engaged Learning Opportunities) at California State University, Northridge; an optional part of the ENGL 355 (Writing About Literature) course

  • Assist Rita Hall’s 10th grade Honors students with assembling 10 one-page essays as part of a portfolio project due at the end of their semester
  • Help students understand the mechanics of essay writing, including planning, structure, and language use (e.g. grammar)
  • Focus on either a particular writing style (e.g. How-To essays, Autobiographical Narratives) or essay writing basics in general

Popular Culture Blog on “Chick Flicks” (Spring 2008)
Part of the ENGL 313 (Popular Culture) course
View the ‘chixflix’ blog website here!

Analyze a particular facet of popular culture in an informal “blog” format, making use of your own knowledge along with readings from the ENGL 313 course

Matathon Dance Committee (Spring 2005)
California State University, Northridge

  • Organize an all-night dance event on campus to benefit a variety of causes

Digital Horizons (Summer 2002)
View my completed student website here!

  • Learn how to use digital software and markup language, including HTML and Photoshop, to construct a web page relating to important issues such as education, racism, and discrimination with a community spin.
  • The HTML of the pages was all hand-coded and checked in 2002. I plan on updating it to conform with the latest W3C protocols for XHTML and CSS.

Beacon Media Arts Academy (Spring 2002, Fall 2003)
View my completed student website here!

  • Learn how to use digital software, ranging from Dreamweaver, FTP, Photoshop, and Flash.
  • Learn HTML and related markup languages.
  • Create a student project of interest to high school teens that relates to a social issue in the world.

The Eagle Student Newspaper (Fall 2001-Spring 2003)
Co-Editor in Chief
George Washington High School, San Francisco, CA

  • Write and edit a variety of stories of interest to GWHS students and/or teenagers, in general, to appear in the student newspaper, later “tabloid-style” magazine,¬†The Eagle.
  • Use a variety of programs to produce the final product, including QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe InDesign.
  • Design special spreads, including graduation spreads, which feature all the names of graduating students

Writing Workshop (Summer 2001)
826 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

  • Learn about the journalistic style of writing in a series of summer workshops
  • Practice various kinds of limited writing, including short fiction

Interactive Mathematics Program Tutoring (Fall 2000-Fall 2001)
A joint project in cooperation with¬†San Francisco State University‘s math dept.

  • Work on improving math skills through a variety of real-life applications, rather than straight formulas and calculations.

Summer Art Experience (Summer 2000)
Academy of Art College (now Academy of Art University)

  • Work with other high school students in an accredited fashion design program at a top private art university to create sample fashion “mood boards” and designs for a potential design line.
  • Other:¬†I also participated in the Summer 1999 “Project: Mayfly,” a joint cooperative between the Academy of Art and the Lily Bunka Academy in Japan. I helped facilitate communication between American and Japanese students, and I assisted in one group’s building of a “flying” contraption made from scratch.

Richmond Review Neighborhood Newsletter (1999-2000)
Sponsored by the George Washington High School/Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon, San Francisco, CA

  • Write about Richmond district issues to be included in a special insert to the local community newspaper (the Richmond Review); a project in cooperation with the campus Richmond Beacon Center.