I've had a wide variety of jobs in a number of fields, mainly due to my myriad interests. As a student in school (elementary through high school), I've worked at the Petaluma Library during the summer, built web pages for friends, family, and small organizations, sold crafts, and helped a popular San Francisco gift shop start their online business.

However, since the majority of my pertinent experience is from the past 5-10 years or so, that is what you will find here.


  • Volunteered at the Petaluma Library (Sonoma County) during various summers in my elementary and middle school years
  • Built the first web page for the Marin AutoCAD User's Group (MAUG)
  • Acted as the Technology Adviser's Student Aide George Washington High School during my junior/senior years (Fall 2001-Spring 2003)
  • Helped the San Francisco County Department of Elections as an Election Clerk in Fall 2001 and 2002
  • Served as one of the first online editors for the CSUN campus newspaper, the Daily Sundial in early Fall 2004